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About Us Cavill Collection

About Cavill Collection

Beautiful, rare and heirloom jewellery needs to be accessible to everyone and that is what ‘The Cavill Collection’ continuously strives to deliver. The Cavill Collection only uses precious metals from 925 sterling silver through to 18k gold, whilst always using the finest gemstones available.

Few brands have such a history and strength of passion and expertise behind their jewellery creations. Leading the 3rd generation of jewellery manufacturing and design within the family; Cherry Cavill is proud to offer unique and exceptional gemstones and jewellery to a wide range of clients.

After watching her grandfather spend his whole life in jewellery manufacturing and then her mother go on to work within the industry and design around some of the world’s most famous gemstones and work alongside some of the biggest designers, this only heartened Cherry’s desire to continue her development of creating jewellery for everybody’s taste and budget but all the time guaranteeing the uppermost excellence of gemstones and manufacture.

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Cherry Cavill

Cherry Cavill

Since education, jewellery design has been calling Cherry. However, despite the family connections and experience at hand, Cherry decided to spend 10 years getting to understand every aspect of running a jewellery business to ensure that she had as much knowledge about the ever-expanding jewellery market as possible. With all that experience, including everything from sourcing gemstones all the way through delivering fine quality jewellery to the consumer, in 2013 it was time to begin the journey of The Cavill Collection. Cherry has always worked closely with her mum Debby Cavill who is a well renowned designer and finally after spending almost 10 years understanding how to reach new heights in meeting customer demand and creating incomparable quality jewellery, the Cavill Collection is now going worldwide!

Debby Cavill

Debby Cavill

Debby Cavill is a successful business lady and has chosen to follow her love for gemstones, jewellery and design, continually expanding throughout Europe and America.

As her parents were jewellery manufacturers, she has been surrounded by jewellery since her childhood and discovered her passion for design at a young age. Her experience in jewellery design and manufacturing makes her irreplaceable in the industry and she has enjoyed passing on her knowledge and expertise to her daughter Cherry over the past 10 years. Within her diverse career, Debby never lost focus on her passion for jewellery and in 2003 she moved to Chanthaburi, Thailand in order to educate a team of people in the world of stunning jewellery creation. The Cavill Collection was born in 2013, inspired and designed solely by Debby and Cherry, the idea behind the collection was to reach all collectors, of any age, any taste and any budget and to constantly adapt the collection to suit the market demands. Due to the huge team working on the Cavill Collection, this is possible to achieve quickly and it allows the Cavill Collection to be one of the most dynamic jewellery ranges in the market.