Expertise - Behind the Scenes

The Expertise Behind the Scenes Cavill Collection

Finest Quality

Alongside the vision that Cherry has, she has a fantastic team by her side ensuring that the quality from mine to consumer are always of the highest level. With access to some of the finest gemstones in the world, superb artisans, her own dedicated team of setters and polishers, plus numerous stages of quality control; it is possible to tell you each individual person that has helped create your very personal piece of jewellery and that is something that we are very proud of and something that virtually no other jeweller in the world can say.

Every piece of The Cavill Collection is made in the most renowned manufacturing campus in Chanthaburi Thailand; PWK Ltd. This is where all the magic happens from gemstone trades through to casting, master mould making, preforming, setting, polishing, refining and then the final QC before it is delivered to our client.

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